How we work



You will experience an unmatched level of service unlike any other. Our team and workforce are guaranteed to give you a 5 star service experience. New ideas? Yes, we have them! Have any questions about products, timeframes and pricing? We will gladly answer them. Because we cherish your happiness and take pride in what we do leaving you with a guaranteed lifetime satisfaction.



We guarantee the highest levels of product quality which remains unaffected by the pricing. Our products always bear their ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.


Capability to Supply


Our bottomless reserves ensure an unlimited supply in a stipulated timeframe.


Products and Services


  1. Disposable food serving consumables
  • Food trays
  • Paper cups
  • Serviettes
  • PLA utensils
  • Breakfast boxes
  • Cake boxes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Khaki bags


  1. Sanitary and hygiene wear
  • Diapers
  • Scented and unscented wipes
  • Pads


  1. Agri-business
  • Jute bags
  • Polypropylene bags
  • Tobacco Khaki bags