Nature Inspired Environmentally Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions

ProEnviro Products P/L is an environmentally aware initiative providing eco-friendly biodegradable packaging solutions to combat the use of polystyrene products which are harmful and toxic to the environment. The firm leverages its expertise in alternative research to provide more organic material solutions to replace polystyrene products in the food packaging sector.


ProEnviro Products P/L is a commodity trading business entity. The firm leverages its expertise to provide Trading to our Corporate and Retail clients to trade in variety of commodities from disposable food serving consumables, sanitary and hygiene wear to agri-business. As a service oriented organization our focus is the customer and also maintaining a sustainable environment in all our operations. ProEnviro Products P/L has a wide supply base for its products. The company has a diverse clientele and this includes small-medium-large size corporate in the food, health and agriculture industry. ProEnviro Products P/L is in partnership with diverse manufacturers and producers with expertise to deal with complex specifications and to respond to all our customer demands. The firm has highly trained and experienced workforce to ensure hassle free trading systems from all over the world. ProEnviro Products P/L can use its distribution Network to move any finished products according to their demand, ensuring every country’s standard regulations are satisfied.


To assume a leading role in promoting trading business networks around the world whilst ensuring a safe and sustainable environment for all.


To provide a market for all tradeable ecofriendly commodities.


Sustainable environment for generations.



To provide our clientele with the latest range of quality yet affordable products.


To exceed our customer’s expectations whilst maintaining our highest levels of professionalism.


We endeavor to deliver products of absolute accuracy, clarity, quality and distinction.


Foresight, commitment and guidance building a future for our people and the customers we serve. Leading the way in service excellence.

How we work


You will experience an unmatched level of service unlike any other. Our team and workforce are guaranteed to give you a 5 star service experience. New ideas? Yes, we have them! Have any questions about products, timeframes and pricing? We will gladly answer them. Because we cherish your happiness and take pride in what we do leaving you with a guaranteed lifetime satisfaction.


We guarantee the highest levels of product quality which remains unaffected by the pricing. Our products always bear their ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.

Capability to Supply

Our bottomless reserves ensure an unlimited supply in a stipulated timeframe.

Products and Services

Disposable food serving consumables

  •  Food trays
  • Paper cups
  • Serviettes
  • Virgin bamboo utensils
  • Breakfast boxes
  • Cake boxes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Khaki bags
I'm getting great feedback from my customers. They love it especially the fact that you can carry your meal home and just heat it up in the microwave without ant fuss or disturbing your food. Definitely placing many more orders soon...​
Angela Wabbi
Restaurant Manager


To place orders please contact us or visit our offices:

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